Ethical Hacking

Webinar 23 NOV 2020 – 9:30AM -1:30PM  

Ethical Hacking an order to do hacking in a legal way or good purpose…So the person who perform ethical hacking is call as a Ethical Hacker.
So the JOB responsibilities and roles of ethical hackers is…
Ethical Hacking is the act of doing perennation testing, finding vulnerabilities to ensure the security of an organization’s information system.

This professionals are part of a company –

There goal company is –

To protect the computer systems  |  To protect the data from hackers  | Eliminate the potentials threats.

Ethical Hackers are not perform to harm any organization or system, they always cure the data and their organization to be secure.

Now we learn about the Ethical Hacking now let’s discuss about the types of Hackers.

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