Cyber Security Fundamentals

Webinar 04 DEC 2020 – 9:30AM -1:30PM  

I am Cyber Security Consultant In JC Ventures Pvt Ltd.

Today we are going to learn about the cyber security fundamentals…
Before going into dipper in cyber security…
lets discuss about the what is hacking… Because hacking is an most important part of the cyber security.


Hacking is an act of finding the possible entry points or vulnerabilities in a particular system that exists in computer systems or network systems for entering into them.

Hackers are usually done to gain unauthorized access to a computer system, So the hacker’s intentions behind would be different for hacking or gaining access of the computers or network system like some hackers are hacking a particular system an order to harm or steal sensitive information from an available computer system or network. Usually, hackers want to hack a system and order to destroy a computer system or a particular organization.

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